All Points is a transportation firm dedicated to the coordination
and transportation of exhibit properties between trade show
points and warehouses throughout the United States and Canada.

Freight services range from normal transit time to overnight air deliveries
anywhere in the US and Canada. All Points provides proof of pick up and
delivery to our clients as they are performed.

Constant communications with drivers enables us to monitor a
shipments progress from pick up to delivery. By combining the best of
today's information technologies via satellite tracking systems, GPS
and cellular communications, along with trade show experienced drivers,
we are able to provide outstanding service to our customers. Direct
communications with key persons at display builders, installation and
dismantling contractors and general contractors allows All Points to
communicate the latest information on the progress of a shipment
during loading, transport and delivery.

High volume means high discounts, and we pass those discounts on
to our customers. Our customers benefit from a higher discount by utilizing
All Points. At the same time being assured we are servicing your shipment
with exceptional and personalized service.

From 1 piece to multiple trailer loads. The same service advantages
go into every shipment regardless of size.

We personally tailor services to the needs of each client.
Our procedure is simple, just a phone call, e-mail or fax, with the size
and shipment requirements and we can provide a rate quote. Once the
order is placed, we follow it each day until completion.

All Point’s transportation network allows us never to be dependent
on the availability of one fleet. We monitor and confirm availability of
vehicles in several fleets. This means you will never be locked into the
service of one carrier.

Scheduling critically timed pick ups and deliveries. All Points
communicates with all contractors involved in the trade show installation
and dismantling process: corporate exhibit managers, exhibit builders,
and general contractors. We assist in coordinating and supervising
the unloading and loading out of shipments. Blanket wrapping, decking
equipment, load bars and specialty equipment are available as needed.

5 Willimatic Court
Shoreham, New York, 11786
Toll Free: (888) 249-4894
Office: (631) 744-4900
Fax: (631) 821-1268